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Sep / 24 / 2016
Posted by Silvestre | under: 2016, eoin, photos, stills & prom pics, the night shift

Hey folks! Since I have more time to spend on the site, I had finally the chance of adding to the gallery the huge amount of 116 pictures of our man, Eoin Macken, on set playing TC Callahan in the last season of our new favourite TV Show The Night Shift.

Thanks to the awesome and wonderful @Gabestuff for the whole cover during the sets of The Night Shift, taking pictures and making everything better with his presence! We really appreciate it, Gabe! It’s such a pleasure to see, day by day, the amount of pictures you post in order to give us a closer look to the TV Show!

Also, don’t forget to take a look at Gabe Sachs on Vimeo in order to see more and more Behind The Scenes stuff about the last season of The Night Shift + the rest of the seasons! Like, this one, for example! The amount of videos is awesome, and the whole cast seems so profesional and amazing while the recording!


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