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June 17, 2015 Posted by Carola Leave a Comment

Today, Eoin Macken attended a photocall for the ‘The Night Shift’ TV series at the 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival in Monaco and thanks to farfarawaysite, we’ve added 21 HQ pics from the event, enjoy them in our gallery!

UPDATE: Added 13 new HQ pics that the same site uploaded a couple of time ago! Enjoy them all in our gallery!

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June 4, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Just in case you miss it, here you have the whole interview on soundcloud Eoin had last day at The Nicky Byrne Show for RTE.

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June 2, 2015 Posted by Carola Leave a Comment

The actor from current Sony/NBC series The Night Shift joins Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney on Lava Bear’s supernatural thriller.
Jason Zada directs The Forest from a screenplay by Sarah Cornwell and Nick Antosca based on an original idea by David S Goyer.
The project is currently in production and Gramercy Pictures is scheduled to release nationwide in the US on January 8 2016.
Good Universe continues international sales on the project, which Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions previously acquired for multiple territories including Australia, Spain, Eastern Europe and all Asia excluding Japan.
Tory Metzger and David Linde of Lava Bear Films produce alongside Goyer through his Phantom Four label.
Len Blavatnik, Aviv Giladi, and Lawrence Bender serve as executive producers for co-financiers AI Film.
The Forest takes place in the infamous suicide spot of Aokigahara forest at the base of Mt Fuji as a young American woman goes in search of her missing twin sister. (Source)

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June 2, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

They day is finally here! You can now order and ger your copy of Killing Jesus featuring Eoin Macken as Antipas on internet via Amazon for example! Don’t forget to get your copy in order, as always, to support our handsome man that did a great job in the National Geographic TV film production! And, just in case you won’t miss anything and are so excited waiting for it, here you have an extra featurette about Eoin talking about his character, thanks to brendanfehr.net!

Order your copy at Amazon clicking here.

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May 25, 2015 Posted by Carola Leave a Comment

Eoin is featured in May issue of Glamoholic Magazine with a new interview and a beautiful new photoshoot by Isaac Sterling! Digital scans have been added to the gallery. Enjoy this gorgeous photoshoot and check a preview below:

What do you enjoy most about playing Dr.TC Callahan?
TC is wild. He’s unlike anybody that I’ve gotten to explore before, and despite his strong leadership abilities he struggles to cope on a daily basis with the internal strife that he has. He’s always on the edge and that keeps him constantly fresh.

What’s the energy on set like?
It’s fun. Working long hours on a TV show means that you hope to enjoy the people you work with, but we all get on great. We just hang out and there’s a great vibe with the crew and cast. It’s long hours but when you’re working with talented people that you genuinely like it’s easy.

Recently, we’ve seen you on National Greographic’s “Killing Jesus”. How different was it to work on this TV film?
Killing Jesus was the polar opposite to Night Shift from an acting stand point. Antipas was a dark character that required going to a different place and the history an religious elements of that show alone gave it a different feeling. I enjoyed having to travel to a darker place in my mind though and to try and empathize with a character who on the outside was hard to love.

Throughout your career you’ve been involved in short films and indies. What kind of experiences do these projects give you as an actor and film maker?

I’ve been involved in many different projects, from shorts to indie freatures and docuentaries, in front and behind the camera, and it’s all about expirience and learning your craft. Every project has helped me work on my skill set – to understanding ore about story and character and how they play into each, to not being too focused on the journey of my own character but being aware of how it all fits together. In indie film making there is a little more freedom to experiment with techniques and that’s important to develop and have trust in your decisions.

What type of roles would you like to play next?

It’s not about playing a specific role, it’s about finding a story and character that you want to play, and with people that you want to work with. If i’m lucky enough to. I’m just always thrilled and privileged to be working at all and to be able to do this as a career. (Source)

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May 19, 2015 Posted by Carola Leave a Comment

Oh well, as we said yesterday afternoon at Twitter “Every wonderful tv show has an end…”, but it doesn’t matter at all (even if we got so emotional with the last one everytime) because as you guys know, NBC The Night Shift got renewed for a third season coming up next year so… wohooo! So finally this is the last post recap of the last episode of the second season and here from eoinmacken.net we want to say thanks to you all for your constant support. This is not possible without you, babies, don’t forget it!

And also, maybe you’re wondering “Why the hell haven’t they updated the screencaps gallery yet?”. Well, the season is done and the following months it will be calm (if we talk about updating the site, of course), so I’ve decided to publish them all during June-July to have something to update the site (and also I have to finish with Merlin too, so I have a hard work to do). So don’t worry, I promise I will! School is about to end too, so I’ll have a lot of time… wish me luck, guys!

And now, let’s start with the last episode recap of “Darkest Before Dawn”, the season finale of the second season!

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May 19, 2015 Posted by Carola Leave a Comment

Hey guys! We’ve added to the gallery portratis of Eoin Macken in a new photoshoot by David Mirzoeff. We don’t know the exact date of the session but we know that it was taken during the “Kingdom of Scars” promo before the end of last year. Thanks, as always, to the wonderful farfarawaysite, for bring us the images in HQ! Enjoy the pics!

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