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Sep / 29 / 2016
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Remember that trip the wonderful Eoin Macken was preparing some months ago? Remember his whole adventure through it and how Mozambique literally changed something in his life? Well, the waiting finally came to an end, and we’re able to get a big glimpse about his memories around there with blind people who, thanks to SightSavers, got the chance to keep his sight and get it back!

Here you have the video, and we’re going to keep this post updated since it seems there are two more videos about the whole process so… stay tuned! But for now, enjoy the first part of A Gif of Sight, which will be released next October 13th, featuring “the stories of three people undergoing cataract surgery”.

In July 2014, actors Eoin Macken (The Night Shift, Merlin) and Tim McDonnell travelled to Northern Mozambique to witness Sightsavers’ work in the field and captured their experience on film.

Their 30-minute film, A Gift of Sight, which will premiere on our Million Miracles website on World Sight Day (Thursday 13 October), features the stories of three people undergoing cataract surgery.

This is Agira’s story.

Agira has been reliant on her son to provide her with food since her bilateral cataracts worsened and she was no longer able to farm. She continued to carry out tasks such as basic cooking and collecting water because of their familiarity but her deteriorating sight was beginning to affect this. She would follow the familiar path to the water hole, but if there were any obstructions, she would become disorientated.

A regular outreach service was established at the Anchilo Health Centre, a short drive from Agira’s home, making the services available to her much more accessible. The clinic identified Agira’s cataracts and she was referred for the treatment that she so desperately needed.

Before the service came to Anchilo, Agira didn’t know that it was even possible that her sight could be restored. In order for her to make her cataracts surgery, a Sightsavers project car collected Agira to transport her to the Nampula Eye Clinic for treatment. Without this provision, raising the cost of the journey to and from Nampula would have been near impossible for her.

Before her cataract operation, Agira said she was most excited to see her friends and family clearly again.

On the day following the operation, her bandages were removed and Agira was instantly full of smiles and began shaking the doctors’ hands. She said, “I am feeling no pain. I am so happy. I can see you all!”



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