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Oct / 4 / 2016
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As part of a three videos documentary, here you have the second one of the whole project Eoin was doing a couple of years ago with @Sightsavers. Enjoy the second part of A Gif of Sight, which will be released next October 13th, featuring “the stories of three people undergoing cataract surgery”.

In July 2014, actors Eoin Macken (The Night Shift, Merlin) and Tim McDonnell travelled to Northern Mozambique to witness Sightsavers’ work in the field and captured their experience on film.

Their 30-minute film, A Gift of Sight, which will premiere on our Million Miracles website on World Sight Day (Thursday 13 October), features the stories of three people undergoing cataract surgery.

This is Henrique’s story.

Having cataracts in both eyes has meant 76-year-old Henrique da Cruz has been blind for the last 10 years. He has five children and 16 grandchildren, two of whom, due to his cataracts, he has never seen.

Henrique lives with his son and his son’s family, and, aside from a rope system that his family built to allow him to feel his way to the toilet, he has no independence and no longer feels able to work like he used to. He says of his situation: “I feel sad and very limited. I can’t go around alone and completely depend on others.”

When Henrique was examined by staff at Anchilo Health Centre’s outreach service, it was discovered that he only had a tiny amount of light perception and would therefore need to undergo surgery on both eyes to remove the cataracts that had been worsening over time.

When asked how he was feeling about the surgery he said he was hopeful that he’d be able to see again, and be able to resume his farming work. But most of all he was looking forward to seeing his two baby grandchildren for the first time.

A Sightsavers project car was sent to transport Henrique to the new eye care facility at Nampula’s hospital, 30 kilometres away from his home, where Dr Anselmo performed his cataract surgery.

The following day Henrique was quiet and subdued as his bandages were removed, but he quickly livened up as he discovered he was able to walk confidently down the corridor without being led by his son or daughter-in-law. Henrique was overjoyed. He said, “I am very happy I can see again. I can see people and cars!”

“I feel alive again and it is so good!”



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