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Sep / 23 / 2016

The Green Rabbit and The Ice-Cream Girl, a short film by Eoin Macken, featuring Emmett J. Scanlan and Ryan Simpkins premiere is tomorrow, September 24th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm EST! The Irish Screen America, an event that provides a place to make a huge showcasing about the best in contemporary Irish media, is letting you all the chance to watch it if you wanna take a look at it in Los Angeles, California. Here you have a link to the site, so if you have the chance and live close to the place, don’t miss it!

You can take a first look with this teaser trailer, and don’t forget to always take a look at Eoin’s YouTube profile! Also, don’t miss the opportunity of keep knowing and watching more and more stuff about our wonderful and beloved mister Macken!

A man is stumbling through the desert, in only his underwear lost and confused. A car pulls alongside, driven by a beautiful young girl who knows his name. His name is Gerry and its tattooed on his forehead. Her name is Eilis, from a pendant around her neck. With nowhere else to go, he gets into the car and begins a surreal journey to answer the reason he’s there at all. (source)


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