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-Eoin is 5’11 (180 cm) and has brown hair and brown eyes. He is right-handed.
-Chest: 41 (107 cm).
-Waist: 32 (81 cm).
-Inside Leg: 32 (81 cm).
-Shoe: 9 / 42 Eur.
-Suit: 40 R Collar: 16

-Star Sign: Pisces (born on February 21st, 1983).
-Family: Father James Macken, barrister at law (deceased in 2007). A younger sister.
-The two charms that he always wears around his neck are his father’s wedding ring and a Egyptian symbol from his mother.
-Eoin wanted to be a marine biologist when he was in college.


-Film:Paris, Texas!
-Song: Bat out of hell (Meatloaf).
-Male singer: Bon Iver & The Evora, Alan Rickard.
-Female singer: Ani DiFranco and Phoebe Snow.
-Motto: “Sure fuck it, just do it!”
-Food: Lasagna.
-Thing he always carries around: a camera.
-Dream car: Anything by Mercedes.
-Bad habit: Sleep in.
-Superhero: Wolverine.
-Merlin filming locations: Pierrefonds (France) and Raglan Castle (UK).


-Swimming, horseriding, golf, soccer, athletics, rock-climbing, surfing, sailing, kick-Boxing.
-Accents: American: generic, New York, Southern. English: London, Liverpool, flat and upper class. French. Scottish. Northern irish. Irish including various regions and flat and upper. Australian.


-Jesuit School.
-University College Dublin, Bsc. Hons in Psychology, Dublin, 2005.
-Honours 4 year Science Degree in Psychology.


-2004 Advanced Acting for Camera, Gaiety School .
-2004-2009 Meisner Technique (Nina Murrano), New York.
-2006-2008 Stanislavski and film (Vincent Chase), Los Angeles.
-2004-2005 Performance year in acting, Gaiety School.