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March 17, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

And they actually know! Four new video interviews (well, kind of) about the cast and crew of NBC The Night Shift answering some questions about medical terms! Come on, was it that easy? Maybe it won’t!

2015 the night shift videos youtube

March 5, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

The House of Film added two days ago a new trailer about LEOPARD (also known as COLD but just called as Leopard since now), one of Eoin’s featuring films! Take a look at its trailer and, also, at its summary!

Inspired by John Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden’

The dark and mysterious LEOPARD centers around two disconnected brothers Tom and Jack, who are ostracized by the small village community surrounding them. Jack returns after 5 years with the sudden and unexplained death of their father and the brothers are immediately at odds with one another. Jack’s presence pushing Tom’s loner mentality into a dangerous psychosis and opening an old wound with the locals as to why he originally left. Things take a surreal turn when they find a girl apparently left for dead in the moors and Tom becomes wildly obsessed with looking after her. What follows is beautiful, tragic and bizarre, as the brothers search for a resolution to their past and their relationship to one another in this mesmerizing tale of love, violence and redemption.

GENRE: Thriller / 89 min / English / HD 2014

2015 cold eoin leopard news videos youtube

February 26, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

The madness has began, and that’s why we’re getting tons of videos about the whole cast of The Night Shift playing their characters and also getting interviewed! Here you have some of them, vimeo ones thanks to brendan-fehr site! A close view to some sneak peaks and interviews!

And this one from their official youtube account!

2015 eoin interview news the night shift videos youtube

February 24, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

TC (Eoin Macken) is a complicated guy. On the one hand, he’s fun-loving, insanely talented and incredibly passionate about saving lives, but he’s also suffering from a serious case of PTSD and it’s affecting his work at San Antonio Memorial and his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jordan (Jill Scott). Season 2 of The Night Shift picks up a few months after the events of season 1. TC’s been suspended due to his season 1 finale breakdown/breakthrough so now he’s keeping busy by working in a search and rescue unit and, per usual, saving lives while breaking some rules.

While visiting the show’s Albuquerque, New Mexico set I got the opportunity to sit down with Macken for a brief interview before he had to head off to an ADR session. As one might expect, TC finds himself in loads of crazy situations this season so we discussed the zombie run episode, the stunts Macken gets to do, whether or not we’ll get to learn more about what caused TC and Jordan to break up in the first place and tons more. You can hear about that, Macken’s favorite Albuquerque running spots, learning a little Spanish and more in the video interview below. The Night Shift returns to NBC on Monday, February 23rd at 10pm. (source)

  1. 00:00 – TC as Hermione – or rather, Her-man-ne.
  2. 00:38 – What it’s like doing ADR for The Night Shift.
  3. 01:17 – What it was like first hearing the show was picked up for a second season.
  4. 01:50 – How going from 8 to 14 episodes changes things for TC.
  5. 02:35 – Will things get even darker for TC?
  6. 03:39 – On the zombie run episode.
  7. 04:52 – Learning Spanish and speaking it a bit more on the show.
  8. 05:46 – Is he doing more stunts this season?
  9. 06:25 – Will TC be going out of the hospital a lot again this season?
  10. 06:50 – Running outside in Albuquerque.
  11. 07:38 – What happens after TC comes back form his suspension.
  12. 08:07 – TC’s relationship with Scott this season.
  13. 08:28 – TC’s relationship with newcomer Dr. Chavez.
  14. 08:40 – TC’s relationship with Jordan.
2015 eoin interview news the night shift videos youtube

February 18, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Hey guys! Good good news! The first trailer of National Geographic’s ‘Killing Jesus’ tv series has been released, go and watch it down below and see how Eoin plays Antipas in such a wonderful way!

Remember that ‘Killing Jesus’ is based on the New York Times best-selling book. It charts the political and historical conflicts that led to the execution of one of history’s most well-known figures. The 3-hour television event, premieres on Sunday, March 29 at 8 PM ET/PT.

Plus, that’s not all! Thanks to brendanfehr.net we got the first sneak preview of the second season of The Night Shift, featuring Scott Wolf as Dr. Scott Clemmens; Jill Flint as Jordan Alexander and Eoin Macken as TC Callahan (and more member of the cast, of course!)

2015 eoin killing jesus news the night shift videos youtube

February 12, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Yo guys! It’s not anything new that the second season of The Night Shift is getting close to its airing date, and with every tv show we know by far, the promo started some months before so… it’s time for more stuff! Even tho Eoin Macken wasn’t in a lot of videos, we’ll post all of the interviews or, at least, redirect you to all the cast interviews just in order to keep you in touch with every news about this tv series.

So, by far, thanks to brendan-fehr.net for their job and their tips as soon as something new come, it means a lot!

First, here you have Eoin’s interview about the second season of The Night Shift:

Not bad, right? But that’s not all! Almost the whole cast was interviewd and we got links to all of the videos! Check out the list down below if you are interested in any of the cast members’ interview!

Night Shift: Brendan Fehr Official Interview
Night Shift: Freddy Rodriguez Official Interview
Night Shift: Merle Dandridge Official Interview
Night Shift: Robert Bailey Official Interview
Night Shift: Ken Leung Official Interview
Night Shift: Scott Wolf Official Interview Part 1 of 2
Night Shift: Scott Wolf Official Interview Part 2 of 2
Night Shift: Adam Rodriguez Official Interview
Night Shift: Jr. Lemon Official Interview
Night Shift: Jill Flint Official Interview
Night Shift: Jeananne Goosen Official Interview

Cool, right? But that’s not all! Here you can see two BTS videos that they released with all the interviews. Shame we didn’t have the chance to see Eoin playing TC Callahan on it but well, at least we got how they shoot the episodes!

And, finally and to put an end to this huge update, here you have 300+ screencaps from Eoin’s interview (thanks to brendan-fehr.net again!) if you want to check his funny faces, hahaha! Check them out in our new category in where we will post a lot of video interviews’ screencaps in ourgallery!

Oh! Also I’ve added screencaps to last Eoin’s interview with Jill Flint that Access Hollywood shared at Winter TCA Press Conference last Jan 21st! Check them out too!

2015 eoin interview news photos public events screencaps the night shift videos youtube

February 7, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Just 16 days till the new season of The Night Shift guys and here we have another promo taken from their official youtube account in where we can see more details, or at least expected that, about TC and Jordan’s romance!! Can’t wait for the new season, what about you? Remember it airs next February 23rd, so close to be real!

2015 eoin news the night shift videos youtube