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April 14, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

During the following weeks, Paddy’s In The Boot (a film by Kevin Shulman) will be screened at Boston International Film Festival (April 18th) and also at New Port Beach Festival (April 26th). Most of you maybe know that Eoin Macken made his own appearence in the film and play one of the main characters, Sean Ennis, so just take a look at the summary and at the videos in order to get more excited to see Eoin doing another wonderful job in Short, Crime and Drama film!

In Dalkey, Ireland, murdering a pedophile is doing gods work. Even if hes a your family priest. For two small time Irish stick up men burdened with the task, being Catholic can be an occupational hazard. Using an old collectible Nazi Pistol can be a discussion unto its own. (source)

And if you’re able to attend it, check out the site for Boston Internation Film Festival and New Port Beach Film Festival! I won’t miss it if I could!


November 6, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment


Finally guys, our best wishes and desires for the second season of The Night Shift has started! Taking a look at Eoin’s twitter (and also at Brendan Fehr one) we can see that they have met on the set (with Gabe Sachs, one of the executive producers)!

Also I’ve added some pics to the gallery – taken from Gabe Sachs personal twitter – about these two, Eoin Macken and Brendan Fehr, meeting up on set, take a look at them!

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