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January 4, 2015 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Hey guys, the waiting is getting us out of our nervers because we really can’t wait anymore to the second season of The Night Shift that, as you know, will be back next February 23rd 10/9c on NBC! So, for now and trying to make our waiting comfortable, NBC The Night Shift has published the first promo video of the second season that we are glad to share it with you! Take a look at the video and tell us how excited you are for the new season!

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December 2, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Hey folks! As always, good news for all of you that can afford something like this! Just read the following thing:

Supanova announces first guests for April 2015 Melbourne and Gold Coast expos!

It hasn’t even been that long since the Supanova Pop Culture Expo packed up their temp base at Brisbane’s Convention and Exhibition Centre and bid farewell to their Supa-Star guests, but they’re not slowing the momentum down, today revealing the first crop of guests for their 2015 expos in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast!

Fans will remember that Merlin alumni Eoin Macken (pictured) and Alexander Vlahos were originally scheduled for November’s Adelaide and Brisbane expos this year, but had to postpone due to work commitments. Well now, both actors have been confirmed to be making good on this rain check and will be coming out to Australia next year to meet their fans! Joining these guests will also be long-standing member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise, actor and martial artist Jason David Frank.

Jessica DiCiccio, voice of Flame Princess in Adventure Time and other productions, joins the April Supanova cast, after Jeremy Shada held a stronghold on proceedings in Adelaide and Brisbane last month. Todd Haberkorn will also be appearing; the stage, screen and voice actor famed for his work in anime, in particular Soul Eater, Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Full details on the April Supanova expos can be found at www.supanova.com.au, with more still to come as the next few months roll out – we’re sure it’s going to be another great run in 2015!

Here you have the original source. Glad to see that Merlin is still alive even the series ended two years ago! And also so happy to know that Eoin will be attending the convention, it means tons of laughs and pics!!

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November 26, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

The Irish Book Awards are tonight, folks! And you all know that Eoin was nominee for his debut novel ‘Kingdom of Scars’ and we were voting him during these past weeks in order to get the chance of see him taking the award! What is this, by the way? Well, paying attention at the “about” of their official webpage, it says:

The Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards are a set of industry-recognition awards set up by a coalition of Irish booksellers in 2007. The awards are owned by Irish Book Awards Ltd, a not-for-profit company presided over by a board comprising representatives from founding members Eason & Son Ltd, Argosy Wholesale Ltd, International Education Services Ltd, Hughes & Hughes and the Booksellers Association of Ireland. The over-riding motivation behind the awards is to celebrate the extraordinary quality of Irish writing, to help bring the best books to a wider readership annually, and to promote an industry under severe competitive pressures.

From a small base of three initial categories, the awards now include fifteen categories spanning the literary genres. Thousands of ordinary readers vote to select the winners every year. Libraries and bookshops showcase the best books of the year in the critical sales period of the fourth quarter. The Awards Dinner has become the major event in the literary calendar with Taoisigh and Presidents as guests of honour. Since 2011, highlights of the awards have been shown on RTE television.

Exclusively Irish, inclusive in every other sense, the Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards brings together the entire literary community – readers, authors, booksellers, publishers and librarians – like no other awards. These are your awards – join us in celebrating Irish  writing.

So, what do we know about the ceremony and everything about it for far?

  • First that the ceremony is today, so the winners will be announced as soon as they will know them! Where? We guess via all the social networks like twitter, for example.
  • “Hey! But I don’t know what’s their twitter!” Dont worry pal, you can find them as @BGEIBAS at Twitter or even take a look at the official webpage here.
  • Also, we asked about a livestream link or something ir order to see the ceremony and, hopefully, see Eoin getting his award. BGEIBAS told us that the ceremony will be recorded tonight and it will air on RTE One in a couple of days, more exactly next Saturday 29th, so for all of you that have the chance of watch it on that channel, do it! And for those who can’t because they aren’t from Ireland/England, they’ll give us a link of a livestream of it as soon as it will air!

That’s nice, right? We are expecting tons of pictures and videos about it, and also we have our fingers crossed for ‘Kingdom of Scars’!! Stay tuned guys, we will try to bring you all the news about the ceremony, but you also can follow @BGEBookClub twitter because they will be doing a live comentary that has already started!

Have fun, guys!

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November 25, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Good morning guys! The filming of The Wedding Invitation ended some time ago and we are starting to get more BTS pics and movie stills thanks to this blog that had the possibility of talk a bit with Rainy Kerwin, the movie’s director! Some of the BTS includes, obviously, our lovely Eoin Macken and that’s not all! We also got some movie stills (they have released like 7) in which we can see Eoin playing his character, Graham, in the indie film! Don’t miss any of them!

Don’t forget to give a look at their official webpage and their official facebook page! Also thanks to goss.ie for more movie stills and bts stuff!

*All photos are (C) their respective author and owner. If you think that some photos should be removed please contact us and we’ll remove them.

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October 30, 2014 Posted by Carola Leave a Comment

Hey guys, great news! “Kingdom of Scars” has been shortlisted for The Sunday Independent Newcomer of the Year (2014) in the Irish Book Awards. You can vote for “Kingdom of Scars” by clicking the image below, good luck Eoin! Also Everyone who votes will be entered into a draw to win one of 4 €100 of National Book Tokens gift cards.


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October 24, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Hey guys! First of all you will may wondering what C2E2 is? Well, as in their official site says:

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo – also known as C2E2 – is a convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. Bringing the best of popular culture to Downtown Chicago, C2E2’s show floor is packed with hundreds of exhibitors, panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators and screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either the big or small screen!

So, what’s the point of this topic? Well, basically to let you all know that Eoin will be attending the convention next April 24th to April 26th as a former guest from ‘The Night Shift’ and ‘Merlin’. Such a good news, right? Don’t forget to get your tickets in order to see our man and have such a wonderful experience because you will not regret it, for sure! If you get the chance to go there, don’t miss the oportunity of meeting him because he’s such an amazing man, but we all know that, right?

Here you have the official topic of the anouncement and here you can buy the tickets for the con.

Have a wonderful week if you are able to go to the con, guys! And feel free to tweet or message us all of your pics and experience with him over there!

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October 21, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment


Hey folks! Since Eoin’s horror film, The Inside, is releasing today (and as a part of the promotion the producer team – with the support of RevolverUS -), Eoin was doing something like a Q&A (it was called IAMA but we have no idea what that’s mean to be honest) yesterday night on Reddit. Did you miss it? Well, don’t worry. Here you have some of the questions that all the fans were asking him and some replies, without forgetting that you can read the whole Q&A here!

I know this is supposed to be about The Inside, but I’m curious as to when Cold will be released and if you’ll ever dish tea about why the actors turned down a season 6 of Merlin.

  • Cold is hopefully out next year, been a slow process because it’s an indie and been waiting on it to get the best deal so everybody can see it, but it will be a worldwide release soon….timing is everything with indies….but I want the fans to see it soon, they’ve been very patient which I respect and am thankful for…..

Hi Eoin. I’m not a fan of horror movies, but I am a fan of your work. So why should I watch The Inside? Will is scar me for life?

  • Horror movies scare the bollox out of me too actually, but that’s why i made it, to make something scary that would scare me…..if you watch it at night with the lights off and your back facing the door, this will scare the crap outta you

Been a fan since Merlin. Where’d you get the idea to do a horror film?

  • I saw a music video, and it was the Corona’s or something, and it was one continuous take, and I decided I wanted to make a horror film that was one single take – that a lot of what was going on would happen outside the frame and like real time the actors and the audience wouldn’t know what was happening, so i wanted some confusion…..it almost worked, but not quite, we didn’t quite have the time to finesse that, so it grew into something else

Does the film mirror any of your own greatest fears, and did the process of making the film influence your fears in any way?

  • Yeah, I find the idea of energies, negative, drawing in darkness and spirits very real, and actually we had very odd experiences with this film, after I made it I had a lot of dark experiences, and even moved out of my apartment in LA afterwards. I think extreme negative energy can attract things out there that we don’t want to know about….so The Inside played on that because for me it’s a very real possibility, much more so than zombies and vampires

You screened The Inside in 2010, but made a different cut for the DVD. Did you change much and why?

  • I’m not even sure anymore, always seem to be doing something on this film! it’s a different cut to my initial screening, then some changes after the new cut I think again, but it’s pretty much the same since Frightfest 2012 I think….

And as I said you can see more in the topic! Don’t forget that ‘The Inside’ is releasing today on the USA so give it a look and enjoy your Halloween just in company with this wonderful horror film!

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