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The Night Shift promo has started, and even tho we got some previews and promo posters during the last week, now it’s time to see some interviews! Remember last January 16th was the Winter TCA Press Tour (you can see all pics of Eoin here and also here) and Eoin was attending it with some of his fellows in the medical drama ‘The Night Shift’ (that includes Jill Flint, Freddy Rodriguez and Brendan Fehr), and thanks to accesshollywood we can see Eoin asking some questions with Jill Flin about the new season of the tv series! Enjoy it!

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Yo guys, thanks to eoinsfanbase for the tip, here you have a new/old interview about Eoin answering some questions about Kingdom of Scars last November at the launch of 2014 Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards! He gladly answers questions like what was the inspiration for Kingdom of Scars, if he has ever experienced writer’s block, what’s the character he’s most related to and if he has always wanted to write a book!

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Former ‘Fair City’ actor tells what life is like as the star of the latest hit US medical drama.

Meet the Irish star putting the ‘Mac’ back into Dr McDreamy in 2015.

As The Night Shift’s Dr TC Callahan, Eoin Macken has already been described as Ireland’s answer to Patrick Dempsey, best known for his role as Dr Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy.

Now the 31-year-old Dubliner is set to raise pulses here too when the new US medical drama premieres on RTÉ next week.

Indeed, as we meet for a pan-Asian feast at East Restaurant at The Spencer Hotel, the capital’s newest hangout at the IFSC, the telly doctor scrubs up well in a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, jeans and designer stubble.

“It’s weird,” jokes Eoin, who’s based in LA, “it seems totally fine to have a show on TV in England or America, but when it airs in Ireland, there’s a bit more trepidation about it. Suddenly your mates and your family are going to slag you a lot more!

“When your show’s on American television, it’s like, ‘That’s awesome’; when it’s on RTÉ, people are like, ‘Now I can rip the piss out of you!'”

Having just been snapped up for a second season of the NBC show, filmed over 7,500 kilometres away in Albuquerque in New Mexico, the former Abercrombie and Fitch model is unlikely to mind too much.

His turn as the talented-but-troubled doc has led to a role in Ridley Scott’s upcoming TV drama, Killing Jesus, alongside former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer.

“It’s like early ER meets MASH with a touch of Scrubs humour,” explains Eoin of the show that’s fast turning him into a household name. “It’s set in a Texas hospital and I play an ex-army medic who’s got Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“Being Irish, I was kind of apprehensive about playing [an American army doctor]. Growing up, there’s nothing in our culture about being in the army; in America, that’s part of their culture.

“But all the army vets have actually embraced the show and they really like it, which is important, so it’s been really interesting.”

Eagle-eyed readers may, of course, recognise the Howth native from his days as pony-tailed drug dealer Gavin Cluxton on Fair City, or more recently, swashbuckler Sir Gwaine on BBC’s Merlin.

From Carrigstown to Tinseltown, meanwhile the rising star’s big screen outings include Studs, starring Brendan Gleeson, and Centurion, starring Michael Fassbender.

Studying at UCD however, Ireland’s next big thing confesses he only joined acting class to meet girls.

“When I was a kid, I wanted to become a marine biologist,” tells Eoin, who has also just launched his debut novel, Kingdom of Scars. “Then [at college] I moved into psychology, so I actually did a four-year degree in science and psychology.

“I started doing drama in the drama society in college for the craic, and then I started to do some random modelling. Doing modelling paid for me to study acting in New York. I ended up doing Studs in my final year of college, and was then like, ‘I’m now going to become an actor’.

“I moved to LA, did a bunch of screen tests and got cast in a couple of things,” he adds. “Everything was going really well. I was about a year out of college and I literally thought all this stuff was really easy.

“Then my dad got sick and I couldn’t do them.”

As his father James battled a brain tumour, Eoin – the eldest of three – twice decamped from Hollywood to be by his side. He recalls: “I moved to LA twice and lived there for about two months each time. Then his cancer came back, so I came back home and was living at home.”

“Dad died just before I did Fair City. About two months after his death, I was kind of like, ‘I need to get back acting’. I hadn’t done anything in about a year and a half, and then Fair City just came along, so it was actually a really perfect job.

“Fair City is what it is,” he adds, “but it came along at the right time and I had great craic [on it]. I did four months and moved to London after that. It gave me a kick to say, ‘OK, I’m still active’.”

Today Macken joins pals Jack Reynor and Emmett Scanlan among the new generation of homegrown hunks in Hollywood, where the luck – or maybe looks – of the Irish seems to be en vogue.

“They always liked the Irish over there,” he says. “Every American says, ‘I’m Irish’, or someone’s aunty is always from Cork!”

“In Hollywood, it’s all about how relevant you are. There’s a lot of people who do really well for a year or two, and then don’t work for two years. You can be working really hard and not get work for a year – I didn’t work for the last six months until I got Killing Jesus.

“Acting is very narcissistic,” continues Eoin, who’s also modelled for Ralph Lauren. “It’s actually very stressful because you’re just focused on trying to make someone like you all the time.

“Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it because it’s so subjective, if someone is choosing whether they want to put you in a project or not. I used to get really worried about it and try and act a certain way. Now I just say, fuck it, you know, if it works, it works.”

Presented with what appears to be just about everything on the express lunchtime menu, happily the athletic actor hasn’t succumbed to Hollywood eating habits – not yet anyway.

But he’s not ruling out a spot of ‘brotox’ down the line either, laughs Eoin: “In LA, you see guys in their forties and fifties who look about thirty, and they’re all ripped to bits. It is a bit strange.

“I don’t give a shit, but then maybe in ten years’ time, I will. Maybe [if someone says], ‘You can no longer do your TV show unless you get botox’, I’ll be like, ‘OK!’

“If you were in LA for too long, I think you would go nuts,” he reckons. “There’s a time frame. The whole thing is geared towards how you look. It’s not my cup of tea.”

Like fellow former TV doctor George Clooney, to that end, Macken is already making a name for himself behind the camera, writing and directing indie flicks such as 2008’s Christian Blake.

Following on from coming-of-age tale Kingdom of Scars last year, he’s also working on a second novel, which he hopes to bring to the big screen.

“People go, ‘Oh, Eoin Macken, model-turned-actor-turned-writer-turned-director’,” he jokes, “and you sound like a dickhead! I always wrote – I just didn’t show it to anyone.

“I grew up reading East of Eden and [watching] Stand By Me and all these American coming-of-age stories, but I never read any Irish coming-of-age stories, so about three years ago, I just decided I was going to write one – basing it on a couple of things that happened to me.

“I actually want to make it [Kingdom of Scars] into a film as well.”

“As an actor, people can get a bit funny about you wanting to write or direct,” adds Eoin, who previously featured in The Tudors alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

“I didn’t deliberately try and do as many things as possible in case one doesn’t work out. I just started doing it, and then realised I actually loved it.”

“Now that my book has been published, I feel very serious. I feel like a grown-up. Apart from anything else, I think it would be a good chat-up line in a bar!”

Unfortunately for his female fans, of which there are many ardent ones online, it’s not one he’s likely to be wheeling out any time soon.

While coy about his love life, Eoin – who formerly romanced The Saturdays singer Una Foden and actress Kellie Blaise – admits he’s off the market at the moment: “I’m sort of in a relationship.

“Unless you’re getting engaged though, I always think it’s better not to talk about it. You say you’re with someone, and two years later, that stuff in still floating around.”

Career-wise, Eoin reveals he’d love to woo his idol Clint Eastwood: “My dream is to work with Clint Eastwood. I think he’s brilliant. I’m also a big fan of James Purefoy and Clive Owen.”

In the meantime, The Night Shift star looks set to enjoy his own ‘George Clooney moment’ here, before jetting back to La La Land this New Year, fuelled by full Irish breakfasts.

“Everything tastes different in America,” says Eoin, as we round off lunch with a couple of coffees. “The sausages and bacon are crap.

“Whenever I come home, I basically spend two weeks eating fries,” he laughs. “I doubt George Clooney does that!”

‘Kingdom of Scars’ by Eoin Macken, published by Ward River Press, is out now

via independent.ie.

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In the realm of writers, several have proved to be creative in other artistic disciplines, including art, music and of course acting. Eoin Macken came to public attention at the age of nineteen as lead model for the brand Abercrombie and Fitch in New York. But since then he has proven to be multi-faceted and much more than the sum of his handsome features. With an honours science degree in psychology from UCD, Eoin has written, directed and produced films. He acted alongside Brendan Gleason in the movie of Paul Mercier’s Studs and has had a prolific career to date on the big and small screen – most notably in the TV series Merlin.

I was speaking to Eoin recently at the Irish Book awards, where he was nominated in the best newcomer category for his debut novel, Kingdom of Scars. He made it clear that writing has always been a big part of his life. English was his favourite subject when he was a student in secondary school and he enjoyed in particular focusing on essay writing and poetry. When he began making indie films he poured his energies into film making, and script writing. He says, “Writing a book was something that just happened as an experiment to write prose.” Writing prose allowed him an opportunity to explore his characters in a deeper way than writing a script.

Eoin describes his personal writing process as an organic activity. “I find I just write whenever I feel I need and want to. I like writing in coffee shops, airports and on the move, stopping for maybe 45 mins to write. But I only write when I have the desire, then I really enjoy it. I love writing so I would never force myself to do it, it needs to be fun, and a release.” However he found the process quite different to script writing for a variety of reasons, especially editing. “A book is very much a baring of your soul in a way as it’s all your own words and there is nothing to fall back upon except the actual words on the page. I loved editing it though, working with Gaye Shortland, this wonderful woman from Cork, taught me a huge amount about structure and pacing of prose, and editing the book with her was a fascinating and hugely enjoyable experience.”

Hemingway, Stienbeck and Mailer are among his favourite authors and he has also found Tolkien an inspiration. “Reading books is so subjective, like music or film and for me depends on my mood,” he says.

When Eoin started to write Kingdom of Scars he wasn’t sure that it would develop into a novel. He wanted to focus on a character and just write short anecdotes but then it grew and he fell in love with all the characters. The book is personal to him because he set it in the village where he grew up in Dublin and drew some characters from amalgamations of people that he knew when he was younger. This helped him to give the characters an immediate grounding in some kind of reality, even if that was only loose memories at times. Then as a fictional process it grew from that once the characters were established. Even as he was writing it he had no idea what the beginning or ending would be. He says, “I was just writing about this kid.”

Eoin didn’t find any particular aspects of the novel difficult to write but one particular scene amused him. “I wrote when I had a burning desire to, so every time I wrote something I was enjoying it, if something got difficult then I would stop because that to me meant that it wasn’t working and wasn’t right. I would never push something unless I was certain it was fundamental for the story to function. Writing about Sam’s first time failing to have sex was definitely interesting and I tried putting myself in his shoes, and that was a strange experience.”

When I asked him about plans for a new book he explained that it is already underway and it sounds fascinating. “It’s set in New Mexico and travels across Utah and Arizona to Los Angeles, about an 18 year old boy who falls in love with this girl over a weekend and then weeks later tries to get to LA to find her. On the journey he is waylaid though and meets this older woman who becomes his travelling companion and it’s a bit of an adventure to finally get there and to discover who he is and why he’s going there.”

It’s always exciting when a new writer comes on the scene, especially with other artistic dimensions. Eoin is an exciting talent and we can expect to be hearing many great things about him in the future…watch this space.

(c) Michelle Jackson

via writing.ie.

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October 14, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Good news folks! It seems that recent interviews Eoin have had with the media bring us the wonderful news about his debut novel ‘Kingdom of Scars’ being turned into a film, obviously directed by Eoin but this time he will not take a proper role in the film! Just the direction of it!


I’m definitely going to make it into a film, it just depends on when. I can’t play the lead character because he’s 15

I’ll definitely be shooting it in Ireland. This is part of why I wrote the book, I wanted to make it into a film and make it here in Ireland

It feels surreal, it’s surreal that people are buying something that I love and enjoying it.

You can read the whole interview here at goss.ie.

Also I’ve added two new pics (and will be adding more soon) about his book launch yesterday afternoon!

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September 15, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

The Irish actor Eoin Macken recently travelled to Mozambique with Sightsavers to make a documentary about our work treating people with cataracts*.

Eoin is currently starring as Dr Callahan in NBC’s The Night Shift, filming The Wedding Invitation and promoting his upcoming novel, Kingdom of Scars. But he took a break from his (very!) busy schedule to visit the Nampula Hospital Central Eye Unit and meet some of the patients there. The experience changed his understanding of the challenges many blind people and their families face in poorer countries, and showed him how life-changing cataract surgery can be.

“Being witness to the unbridled joy a person feels when they can actually see again, something I have always taken for granted, is a humbling experience that I will never forget,” he said. “Sightsavers not only gives back the invaluable gift of sight to people, it changes their lives, and the lives of their families and their communities. It’s more than a gift of sight; it’s bringing back the gift of life.”

We’ll be updating the website with more from Eoin’s trip over the next few months – watch this space!


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September 10, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Hey guys! It seems like since there are more and more news about the production of the second season of The Night Shift, some interviewers are posting interviews about the cast these days. And here we have a new one (but dated on 2013) about Eoin Macken playing TC Callahan in the medical drama.

Enjoy it and also enjoy Eoin wearing his beanie hahaha!

Credit to Tiffany Vogt for the video interview.

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