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Hey folks! We have being a bit bussy during these days but… that’s not a problem, right! Scrolling down the wonderful eoinmackenfanbase‘s wordpress blog, we saw that there are some showreels about some actresses (Eimear Ennis Graham and Kellie Blaise, both of them had played a role in Eoin’s movies) in where we can see a few glimpses with Eoin on them! Just take a look at them (because it’s always a good time to meet and discover new actresses that deserve more atentions cause of their acting skills) and enjoy them! We are truly glad and happy because they look so so good!

You can see glimpses from COLD and The Inside on the videos down below!


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2014 leopard THE INSIDE videos

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In the realm of writers, several have proved to be creative in other artistic disciplines, including art, music and of course acting. Eoin Macken came to public attention at the age of nineteen as lead model for the brand Abercrombie and Fitch in New York. But since then he has proven to be multi-faceted and much more than the sum of his handsome features. With an honours science degree in psychology from UCD, Eoin has written, directed and produced films. He acted alongside Brendan Gleason in the movie of Paul Mercier’s Studs and has had a prolific career to date on the big and small screen – most notably in the TV series Merlin.

I was speaking to Eoin recently at the Irish Book awards, where he was nominated in the best newcomer category for his debut novel, Kingdom of Scars. He made it clear that writing has always been a big part of his life. English was his favourite subject when he was a student in secondary school and he enjoyed in particular focusing on essay writing and poetry. When he began making indie films he poured his energies into film making, and script writing. He says, “Writing a book was something that just happened as an experiment to write prose.” Writing prose allowed him an opportunity to explore his characters in a deeper way than writing a script.

Eoin describes his personal writing process as an organic activity. “I find I just write whenever I feel I need and want to. I like writing in coffee shops, airports and on the move, stopping for maybe 45 mins to write. But I only write when I have the desire, then I really enjoy it. I love writing so I would never force myself to do it, it needs to be fun, and a release.” However he found the process quite different to script writing for a variety of reasons, especially editing. “A book is very much a baring of your soul in a way as it’s all your own words and there is nothing to fall back upon except the actual words on the page. I loved editing it though, working with Gaye Shortland, this wonderful woman from Cork, taught me a huge amount about structure and pacing of prose, and editing the book with her was a fascinating and hugely enjoyable experience.”

Hemingway, Stienbeck and Mailer are among his favourite authors and he has also found Tolkien an inspiration. “Reading books is so subjective, like music or film and for me depends on my mood,” he says.

When Eoin started to write Kingdom of Scars he wasn’t sure that it would develop into a novel. He wanted to focus on a character and just write short anecdotes but then it grew and he fell in love with all the characters. The book is personal to him because he set it in the village where he grew up in Dublin and drew some characters from amalgamations of people that he knew when he was younger. This helped him to give the characters an immediate grounding in some kind of reality, even if that was only loose memories at times. Then as a fictional process it grew from that once the characters were established. Even as he was writing it he had no idea what the beginning or ending would be. He says, “I was just writing about this kid.”

Eoin didn’t find any particular aspects of the novel difficult to write but one particular scene amused him. “I wrote when I had a burning desire to, so every time I wrote something I was enjoying it, if something got difficult then I would stop because that to me meant that it wasn’t working and wasn’t right. I would never push something unless I was certain it was fundamental for the story to function. Writing about Sam’s first time failing to have sex was definitely interesting and I tried putting myself in his shoes, and that was a strange experience.”

When I asked him about plans for a new book he explained that it is already underway and it sounds fascinating. “It’s set in New Mexico and travels across Utah and Arizona to Los Angeles, about an 18 year old boy who falls in love with this girl over a weekend and then weeks later tries to get to LA to find her. On the journey he is waylaid though and meets this older woman who becomes his travelling companion and it’s a bit of an adventure to finally get there and to discover who he is and why he’s going there.”

It’s always exciting when a new writer comes on the scene, especially with other artistic dimensions. Eoin is an exciting talent and we can expect to be hearing many great things about him in the future…watch this space.

(c) Michelle Jackson

via writing.ie.

2014 eoin interview kingdom of scars

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Hey guys! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from the staff of eoinmacken.net! We hope you’ll spend such a great time around your family & friends and start preparing things for New Years’ eve! We love you so much and we’re so grateful for your support, so thank you so much!!!

Carola & Silvs.


2014 admin post

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Hey folks! First of all we are truly sorry about the lack of updates, but since there are not a lot of news (except of all of them related to The Night Shift season 2 and Eoin posting tons of pics on his instagram that you all should visit right now if you won’t miss anything), we can’t update too much over here. Anyway, we stil have a lot of work to do in the gallery, and we keep updating it as much as we can (it’s Christmas holidays, everybody is doing Christmas’ things so I hope you all understand our point, we have lives!)

Thanks for all the support, it’s amazing how you guys keep this site on the top and make us so so happy! We’re glad to bring you all the news about our fellow Eoin, and he’s glad to have such a wonderful fanbase!

So, since we are able to make our own screencaps, here you have more screencaps from Merlin. I’ve been adding screencaps from Eoin playing Sir Gwaine at BBC Merlin in the fourth and fifth episode of the fourth season (there are no Gwaine’s scenes or appearences in the third one so…), hope you’ll like them!

04 – aithusa – screencaps
05 – his father’s son – screencaps

2014 merlin photos screencaps

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Hey guys! Good news! I was talking with Ger Holland, who is such a wonderful girl and a photographer that was last Wednesday at the Irish Books Awards 2014, about the photos she took at the ceremony and… voilá! We have two pics she took of Eoin at the awards! We really appreciate her work, so please just take a look at her facebook page ‘Ger Holland Photography’ in where you can find a lot of photos from different events!

You can see more pics from the event at Ger’s album in her facebook page here! Thank you so much again and you guys, enjoy the pics!

*All photos are (C) their respective author and owner. If you think that some photos should be removed please contact us and we’ll remove them.

2014 bgeiba 2014 eoin photos public events

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Hey guys! Finally we have the possibility of make our own screencaps so, even tho we’re going to fill ‘The Night Shift’ screencaps’ albums with screencapped’s caps, from now we’re going to upload only ours! So, I’ve I told you via Twitter, we are starting with Merlin Series 4 and 5 because they are on HQ (BluRay) and, unless there is no HQ video/film/tv show, we’re going to upload our caps on that quality. Merlin series 3, in where Eoin makes his first appearance,will be able on BluRay in some time because they are making a huge pack with the whole BBC Merlin tv show in BluRay! So be patient till we got them!

And, now, I’ve added screencaps from Eoin playing Sir Gwaine at BBC Merlin in the first and second episode of the fourth season! Hope you’ll like them!

01 – the darkest hour: part one – screencaps
02 – the darkest hour: part two – screencaps

2014 merlin photos screencaps

November 27, 2014 Posted by Silvestre Leave a Comment

Hey guys! Finally I got it! Since some days talking with the staff of KLZ Events, which organised the WizardCon Madrid 2014 last July, I have the pics they took of Eoin alone and also him with the cast of Merlin that was attending it (and it includes Tom Hopper, Rupert Young and Alex Vlahos!)

I have to say a huge thanks to the organisation and KLZEVENTs for give us the pics, this mean a lot to us because it was such a wonderful experience and the dream of our life (it was our first time getting the chance to meet Eoin!) and I really appreciate what have they done! Take a look at their site and all the conventions they make for fans!

And now, here you have the pics! Four and four, that’s nice right!

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2014 eoin photos public events WizardCon 2014