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Dec / 3 / 2017
Posted by Silvestre | under: 2017, admin post

Hello guys! Sorry, sorry so much.

This is not a good bye, this is actually a welcome back everybody! I basically got no time to update the site normally, constantly… well, you know what I mean. But, since we stil love Eoin and all his wonderful projects and works, we (Carola and I) decided to keep updating this site as much as we can. Real life is becoming such a wonderful thing, we are improving in our skills, we are looking for jobs and we are always doing stuff, so that’s why we couldn’t be able to keep this site updated.

But don’t worry! Still we’re gonna try to update it as much as we can, starting by today. Most of the time we’re going to update the gallery since we want to keep it as a personal gallery so we can always remember the events and see Eoin’s in all his kind, so don’t stop coming to see that! Interviews, videos… we’re gonna try, but we don’t promise anything.

This is basically a reminder that we stil love Eoin and that we stil appreciate all your support, so stay with us as much as you want! Because we’re gonna try our best (but not that daily tho). Sorry for my bad english, you know I’m spanish and well.

Thanks everybody, and be safe!

P.S. It’s been almost one year, wow guys… hahahaha.


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