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Jul / 21 / 2014
Posted by Silvestre | under: 2014, eoin, interview, news, poll, videos

It’s time for an update, right? Of course!

Yahoo! TV has published a new whole interview with the star of NBC The Night Shift, Eoin Macken, in where we can see an Eoin completely impressed about how the hoster pronounced his name properly for the first time (like if everybody knew how is it pronounced, did you know til now guys?!).

Also in the interview they talk about Eoin’s past starting as being a model and basically the face of Abercrombie, talking about the time his grandma got in trouble for taking pictures of his racy in-store ads, and the activing advice he got from fellow TV doctor Eriq La Salle, via George Clooney. Without forgetting his new tv show, of course!

Also don’t forget to vote in this poll that Spoiler TV has started about which is the Scene of the Week and in where we can see Eoin’s actuation as TC Callahan. If you want to vote, you have to scroll down till the poll and vote for “The Night Shift – TC Breaks down talking about his brother’s death”. Let’s support the tv show as always in order to get more and more audience!

And now enjoy the video and see you soon!


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